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12-20-2012, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by McLlwain View Post
F It IS the one big issue, that the players feel (or Fehr makes them believe) they got screwed over last time around. Seven years is not that long ago. There's enough active players left who have suffered through that last battle and lost.
They didn't lose. It's simple math. Bettman even said as much to their collective faces after that farce press conference Fehr called. I don't know if they've been deluded, are ignorant or are actively trying to deceive. In every case, the players absolutely did not "lose" the last CBA. If anything was lost, it was due to their stubborn refusal in the face of a salary cap. A cap which drove up salaries all around the league, rather than blunting them. Fehr's argument that a cap blunts salary growth only works if every team is spending to the cap. They aren't. Teams like Phoenix and Nashville run budgets higher than they'd like, because they are forced to qualify for revenue sharing.

The players have benefited greatly from this [mod]. We'd be on our way to another year of revenue growth, with 2 expansion teams on the horizon, had they not pulled this ********. Why they think they are special and deserve a higher percentage than other leagues I do not know.

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