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12-20-2012, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by McLlwain View Post
And by how they got rid of Kelly you get an idea of how emotional they already were three years ago. They didn't see him as the guy tough enough to negotiate in their best interest. They felt he was too close with the league. And that sentiment only grew bigger and stronger, especially after they found their leader, who said the right things at the right time through those years leading up to these negotiations.

I also agree, it will come down to each individual player's decision. And maybe that's why the last offer by the league has never been put to a full vote. Maybe Fehr had a hunch the players would have accepted that deal.
What's wrong with the idea that they feel they lost last time and they hired a guy who they believe will help them lose less this time? They got their salaries capped. That is a big hit for any union no matter how you slice it. They are in a situation where every cba the owners lock them out, cry poor and ask them to pick up the tab. I would think that they are trying to break that cycle. Until the act of locking them out causes real pain the owners will keep going back to the well. They have to make a stand somewhere or they will keep getting locked out and keep giving up more.

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