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12-20-2012, 04:52 PM
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It's not just that the players gave up a lot in 2004 ... it's that Bettman had a blank canvas to do basically whatever he wanted to fix the system and he did such a crappy job that he was complaining again five years later.

There's no reason to trust Bettman's competence in this go round, and it can't be surprising that Fehr and the players really aren't buying in. (There's, of course, less than zero reason to repose any trust in Bettman personally, or in his word -- but that's very old news.)
Agreed. If Bettman is the man advising the owners on a strategy to make their franchises profitable then he has failed miserably. A major piece of evidence is the lack of a meaningful tv contract. ESPN used to cover hockey. Not anymore. In all the years as commissioner Bettman hasn't been able to improve the product enough to get a tv deal and he wants the players to pay for his failure.