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12-20-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
1. I think you mean credibility.

2. Did you watch the game? Because according to you, there apparently wasn't one thing Murphy did wrong in that game. And if that was true, I would have expected a bit more offense seeing that you have built him up as this incredible offensive threat that doesn't show up on the stats sheet because apparently stats aren't important. I dunno about you but I'd prefer atleast one point. We prolly would have atleast tied the game if Murphy could have been on the stats sheet once.

3. Murphy is the player of the game of the losing team. If you want to rejoice in that go ahead, but I certainly hope that's not the best he can offer at the international level.

4. I don't understand what you're saying in you're last statement. Are you saying that Murphy was the 7th because he played more, or that he wasn't the 7th and didn't play more? Anyway, he started out as the 7th dman, I didn't say he was the seventh dman for the whole time. Mark Masters watched the team Canada practices in Finland and showed the practice lines to TSN. That's why they had Murphy as the 7th dman.
They mean the same thing in this context.

I'm not sure how I respond to the second. According to you I said something. Mind finding a quote that proves I said that? I think that's how I've got to deal with a strawman now, because pointing it out doesn't stop people from doing it.

I don't see your point. Does being player of the game on a losing team make his performance less impressive? You can have a strong performance (Murphy did) and lose, doesn't make it not a strong performance.

And it really doesn't matter what lines TSN gave, there is no lineup card like in baseball where you can check where a player is going to play. If he started out as the 7th defensemen he became a top 6 defensemen as soon as the game started. Murphy was getting more icetime from the get go.

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