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12-20-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Anaheim is one of the teams that are losing money. An example of the lowest common denominator that the league is dragging everyone else down to. In other words the goal of a cap is so that even the economically weakest team can have a roster that is equal to the strongest team. Inevitably all teams become mediocre. Balanced, but mediocre. We get too have 2.5 lost seasons to achieve this goal of parity and at the end of whatever cba is eventually signed, we will have another. Great huh? This has really improved hockey!
Anaheim is currently losing money because they were horrible last year. And the state has been in a massive recession. They were a cap team for several years, don't let that get int the way of your argument though.

It's a logical fallacy that all the teams will become mediocre. The top teams simply won't be AS elite but there's a fair case that the bottom teams are just as bad. Having a larger number of good teams actually leads to a larger number of entertaining games. High end games between 4-5 elite teams who steamroller everyone else (as in, not good hockey) vs slightly less high end games between 14-16 good teams leads to a lot more entertainment league-wide IMO.

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