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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
Anaheim is currently losing money because they were horrible last year. And the state has been in a massive recession. They were a cap team for several years, don't let that get int the way of your argument though.

It's a logical fallacy that all the teams will become mediocre. The top teams simply won't be AS elite but there's a fair case that the bottom teams are just as bad. Having a larger number of good teams actually leads to a larger number of entertaining games. High end games between 4-5 elite teams who steamroller everyone else (as in, not good hockey) vs slightly less high end games between 14-16 good teams leads to a lot more entertainment league-wide IMO.
Not true. Far too many games now -- including playoff games -- are low-scoring, one-goal games where the winner is decided on a fluke goal -- a bounce off a defenseman's skate or the like.

I haven't bothered to try to find data, but the number of own goals and unintended goals, as a percentage of goals, has to be at least triple what it was 20 years ago. It wouldn't shock me if it's ten times higher.

That's "parity" hockey.

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