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12-20-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by LeTigre View Post
My scenario has the season returning this year. So yes, trading away assets for one shot at a deep playoff run with Bouwmeester wouldn't be smart. Two playoff runs? Plausible. As was mentioned earlier, there are a logjam of prospects, of which not all will pan out for the Senators. Wouldn't be the end of the world to move a few around to address our weakness.

And I'm curious, which better defensemen do you have in mind?
we do have a lot of prospects, but how many are close to making the jump?
zibby, silf, stone, da costa, hoffman, prince maybe petersson are potential top sixers. they may not start there, but that's their potential. only silf is a lock to play in the nhl next year. maybe da costa and hoffman get shots as well. the rest can stay in the minors if we want. i'd keep zibby down there so he can get some consistency. stone just to play a bigger role.
for the bottom six, grant and dd might get a look next season.
so a maximum of five prospects get hard looks next season, with not all of them making it (probably only one or two). looking at the forwards signed for next season:

while we do have quite a few prospects, we don't need to move them yet. we have more time to evaluate them.

our defense isn't all that bad when cowen comes back from injury, so i'm not extremely keen on making a big trade for a defenseman, but if we had to put up assets to nab a defenseman from another team, i'd look to the rangers. they have a young core with some contracts expiring soon, so i think they might be willing to move one. it might cost us some serious assets, but the player would come cheaper (salary), younger, and around as good as bouwmeester with the potential to be better. in all honesty, i wouldn't mind having bouwmeester on our team, but yanking a top pairing defenseman off a team that needs quality dmen is going to be too pricey for someone of his caliber. might be better to ask a team that has a plethora of quality defensemen.

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