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Originally Posted by Hegemon21 View Post
As a complete Tolkien fanboy I loved the movie. I can see how some people who aren't such would dislike it. Some things were definitely altered but for the most part Jackson was true to the source material. It is a 350 page book they are stretching into 3 movies however, which some will see as only a money grab. I believe Jackson has the best of intentions though being a huge fan himself. If you enjoy the lore and landscapes of Middle Earth the movie will be very enjoyable. I can see how the casual observer will have a problem with the sometimes slow pace though. The action sequences are very well done and I thought they did a great job of portraying the lighter tone of the book compared to LOTR while maintaining an edge.
I disagree with all of this.

I'm a Tolkien fan and know the Hobbit front to back and I hated it. Jackson was horribly unfaithful and his additions brought everything down. Orcs never attack the company west of the mountains... Radagast doesn't magically appear... the Dwarves don't leave Rivendell without Gandalf (they would never do that in a million years)... Bilbo doesn't decide to abandon them and go home... Bilbo doesn't come down from the tree and charge at a warg for God's sake... are you kidding me?

Not that changes in and of themselves are necessarily bad. One change that they didn't make stands out to me: how do you put together a movie with such a long running time yet fail to properly introduce all of the dwarves? Several didn't have a single line of dialog. They were glorified extras. Somewhere along the line Jackson mistook zany character designs for actual character development.

Action sequences were the worst part of the movie. Completely over the top, incomprehensible to follow, artificially introduced... CGI disasters lacking in any real peril.

It didn't have a lighter tone at all. The tone was just as grim, serious, and violent as LOTR, except this time nothing mattered, nothing had any weight to it and there were no consequences for actions. It was a video game writ large, and a bad one at that.

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