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12-20-2012, 05:26 PM
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So, with the latest cancellations, season will come down to the next two weeks to see if the clowns representing the players can be bothered to give a damn about the sport and the league that affords these players a lifestyle they can afford nowhere else.

Through all of this, I still have no idea what the NHLPA is actually fighting for.

Can't be about the money. Already lost more than they could ever hope to gain.
Don't understand why it's about the last lockout. Fehr and Co. had no bearing on any sort of discussion in it and a large percentage of the union were not apart of it. Not to mention last CBA worked out wonderfully for those who were around -- Record revenues + higher average salaries.
Isn't about future players. Agreed upon (and those which will ultimately be agreed upon) contracting issues certainly do them no favors. Not to mention "Make Whole."

So what's the end game? Some of the players are looking for a passion-based "payback" of sorts and/or they're so completely fed up with a figure head that they're willing to sink their short livelihoods. Don't understand their perspective here and it's pretty damn clear they've got very little sense of direction and they've been mislead and rallied around something that is doing them no favors at the end of the day.


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