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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
True Grit? No Country for Old Man? There Will be Blood? Black Swan? Let the Right One in?
True Grit: I don't think it was a "best in pat 5 years movie", but it was quite fun and I'm a huge Jeff Bridges fan.
No Country:
There Will Be Blood: DDL is one of the top 3 actors of our generation.
Black Swan: Thought it would be awful. Totally was not awful. Maybe not one of the best in a half decade, but one that was 1000% better than my expectations. I find Aranofsky to "miss" WAY more than he "hits". Was pleasantly surprised.
Let The Right One In: Still haven't seen it (darned kids)

Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
The Hurt Locker?

Quite possibly the least deserving "Best Picture" of all time (IMO), in quite possibly the worst year for movies in the last three decades (IMO). To this day, I have no idea how it even got nominated, let alone won the damned award.

1999 NHL Entry Draft Class >>> 2010 Oscar season

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