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Originally Posted by OSA View Post
Hey Battalion fans...

Owen Sound is having a pretty good year so far, however there are still holes that need to be filled. IMO the Attack could use a solid scoring winger with some size and a responsible defenseman that can run a powerplay and contribute offensively. It would also be beneficial if these players had eligibility for next year as well.

I think the Battalion might have what the Attack are looking for in Barcaly Goodrow and Dylan Blujus.

Goodrow is having a tremendous year and the stats speak for themselves. He is friends with some of the Attack players (so there's no doubt in my mind that he would fit in really well) and is a strong possibility to return next year as an OA.

Blujus, on the other hand, I admit I am not quite as familiar with. Can he be the offensive catalyst from the blueline that the Attack need? If he is is, having the extra year of junior eligibility would make him attractive to Owe nSound

Furthermore, I like the idea of trading with the Battalion because, a lot like the Attack organization, you can be confident that the players are good citizens in the community and are good teammates. It just seems to be the way things are run in Brampton. Also, you can be sure that Stan Butler has taught them the defensive side of the game well.

So hypothetically, if these 2 players were available, what would you as Battalion fans expect a fair return would be from the Attack?
Goodrow is having a career year, 23 goals in 36 games, he had 24 all last year, 23 the year before, I think not having Carrick around anymore and becoming captain has really made him step up his game, and with an offense as thin as ours he is relied upon heavily. Blujus is capable of being a PP QB but he hasnt been as good this year in that role. Brenden Miller has been our better offensive dman. Blujus hasnt been terrible but not as good as he has been or can be.

Personally I cant see Stan trading either this year, even if he does get a good offer.
The team is going to want to make a good first impression in North Bay, having a captain capable of scoring 40 goals is a good start to that. Not to mention Blujus is our only NHL drafted player, again something good to hold on to when making a first impression in NB.

I could maybe see Stan trading Cameron Wind seeing as he is already an OA and could be something teams are after this year. Wind being a very good shutdown defenceman with much experience in his 5th year in the O, I'm willing to bet teams will come calling for him and if he were to want to go it would make sense for the Battalion to trade him for assets next year.

Now if the Battalion werent leaving my opinion would be it would have to be a very good deal for us to give up Goodrow and Blujus. I'm talkin Lindo or Nastasiuk, Bigras, high draft picks, somewhere up that alley.

But unless something crazy happens I'm willing to bet all involved in the Battalion would like to keep Goodrow and Blujus for next year.

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