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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Bowman just asked Stevie to back check once in a while, like he used to ask the Flower to do, with mixed results.

Otherwise Bowman shut his mouth and let his players play the game. Especially his offensive players. That's why he was the best coach ever.

And: Wait! I remember seeing Gretz live, at the coliseum, hanging out at the RED LINE waiting for the deadly stretch pass, with the rest of his team in his own end. While the Oil were killing a penalty.

And then I would watch the opposing D back out of the O zone, on the PP, every time, worrying about Gretz at the red line. 'Oh well, we'll score later, better worry about Gretz for now.' Oh. We lost. Oh well.

Man, Gretz should have been more responsible defensively.

Hockey is about scoring goals, it's about offense, and out skating your opponent. Always has been, always will be. Pure and simple. D is for weak teams without scorers. We just forgot that the last 20 years.

And if you're tempted, don't bring up 70's Habs. That was Dryden and Serge Savard on D, and 18 other guys who played all out offense, and hitting in the O zone, all the time, including Gainey.
You couldn't be more wrong about both Yzerman and Bowman. Bowman is the creator of the left wing lock which is the initial form of the neutral zone trap. He demands that his centers are defensively strong which is what he did with both Lemaire and Yzerman.

It is nothing short of laughable when you say that Bowman just asked Yzerman to backcheck once in a while. Find me that

If you understand the tactical aspect of the game and Bowman's philosophy you would know that systems don't call for "once in a while" efforts. Systems require adherence and consistency......otherwise the system doesn't work. Pierre Larouche is an example of a player who didn't want to backcheck and he found himself consistently benched and eventually traded from Bowman's team. So much for him letting his skilled players play as Larouche had more skill on that team than anyone not named Lafleur, and even that is debatable.

As for the comment about Beliveau.............he was a great two way center, I am not sure what weak point you were trying to make. It is possible to put up big point totals while playing a complete game as players like Crosby, Francis, Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Gilmour can attest to. It is crucial that your best offensive players are your best players in all three zones if you want win championships. If you don't believe me just ask Bowman and Yzerman as they have proven as much.

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