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12-20-2012, 06:37 PM
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I'm assuming the expansion and the expansion drafts will be handled the same way they are in OOTP, which is pretty damn flawless.

The only negative is that the options for contracting teams is pretty minimal...deletion leading to everyone becoming a free agent isn't exactly ideal, but the fact the teams are mobile anyway it's not much of an issue since I can think of maybe one OOTP league where I've resorted to deleting teams.

For someone who loves to mess with every little detail of the world in the game I love it.

Will the countries be editable like in OOTP? The last OOTP league I created I focused in Europe and I wanted European players, so I was able to mess with the countries and their creation levels and wind up with a league that was able to support a Dutch team having only Dutch players, a German team having only German players, and the team in Helsinki filled with Finns rather than Americans, Cubans, Mexicans, etc. I'm hoping I can mess around and make Denmark, Iceland, and Norway bigger players in the hockey world with FHM.

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