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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
The chance that your current skates fit well is pretty low. Even if you happen to have chosen the right size (i.e. 8, 8.5, 9, etc.) and the right width (generally D/normal or E/EE/wide), chances are that the specific brand/model you have chosen isn't a great fit for your feet. I could easily try on 10+ brands/lines of skates in the right size/width, and only have 1-2 brands/lines fit me well. If you ordered your skates online somewhat blindly, you probably ended up with skates that aren't a very good fit. You're unlikely to get a good fit without going into a shop and trying a bunch of skates on to really see which specific brand, model, size and width works best for you.
I'm not calling anybody wrong as I am obviously the new guy here for advice. However, I think they fit pretty good. The heel definately locks in with no vertical movement. The pressure on the top and sides of my foot is very even when laced, and my foot doesn't slide inside the skate when moving. My toes don't touch when standing/gliding but when I push off hard or stomp they just touch the tip of the boot. I figure if the skate volume goes up a bit with break in I should get to a point where there is no contact. the only place I don't feel it has a real good fit is right on the sides of my ankle. the skate has pads built in on either side of the bone that sticks out of the ankle and either my bone is really protruding from my ankle a lot or those pads need to break in. they seem really tight right in that area. Odly enough the pain was considerably worse in my right foot than the left but lessened as I kept skating. I'll get them baked and see if that takes care of the pad problem. gonna grab the last of my equipment while I'm down there as well. I'll update this once I get it all on and try it again.

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