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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
You think that expansion can just be pulled out of the air; you need potential owners who are willing and able to put forth appropriate plans and dollars to support a team in those cities. And those cities need to provide appropriate arenas. And to not move teams that you don't think should be be moved, you need owners who are willing to keep those teams there.

Seattle, in addition to not having potential owners also didn't have an arena at that time, and is still in the process to actually get one. The SuperSonics pulled out of the Key, could you have imagined an NHL team playing there.
Seeing as I agree with the rest of your post, this isn't a huge point worth arguing, but technically the bolded is incorrect. The Seattle Coliseum held hockey, it was around 1993 that the Sonics owner Barry Ackerley remodeled it to its current configuration so that it wouldn't hold a NHL team and he wouldn't have to share the building. That said there has never been a real owner lined up anyway.

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