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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Thinking on it further, I actually challenge that Corrado is the exact kind of player I am advising against. It comes down to scouts/evaluators judging him to have poor/good hockey sense. The caveat being that he can have good overall hockey IQ while still needing to clean up his Dzone play. So if he was good everywhere else, and thought to be smart enough to eventually clean up his Dzone play, does that mean he had good hockey IQ, or bad?
If you are advising against what McNally is, then Corrado (pre-draft) was the exact kind of player you are advising against.

Again, describing Corrado pre-draft: a skilled PMD who liked to rush and was known for his eye catching rushes up the ice, an excellent skater, known for his play on the offensive side of the puck, however, had concerns with his defensive game in regards to positioning, coverage in front of the net and in his decision making with the puck. Had concerns about his strength and size. He was described as raw, a risky player but a project with high potential. Hockey IQ was average to above average; not excellent, but not poor either. You wouldn't find it listed as a strength on a scouting report.

Where they might differ is that McNally is even more skilled offensively and can QB a PP, whereas at the time, Corrado was not really seen as a true PP QB and had questions as to whether or not he would ever develop into one at the OHL level. However, Corrado always had an attitude where he would not back down from opponents and would chirp/be a bit grittier. McNally not so much.

If you can honestly say McNally wasn't similar when he was drafted, I'm not too sure what else i can say.


Corrado has developed his play significantly. His defensive game is excellent and in a way, i'd say his defensive game is better than his offensive. He reads the game much better than he used to and a lot of that has to do with coaching and learning the game. As i've mentioned before, after training camp practice, he stayed an extra 10 minutes talking to Bowness one on one, looked like he was talking about the drills they were doing. Then PRNuck mentioned he stayed and talked to the coaches at the WJC camp. This is a guy who learned and was highly willing to learn, to put in the effort to develop. And as a result, he has taken his game to another level defensively.

He used to be labelled as solely an offensive Dman. Since he's been drafted, he's been labelled as one of the best defensive defensemen in the OHL by coaches and now one of the best two way D in the OHL. It might not be a 180 degree transformation, but the development path he has taken is steep.

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