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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I recall a couple ATDs ago that MXC was incredibly high on Connell and I saw no good justification for it.

At the time the records we had weren't as good as now, but I recall pointing out that he never showed up in hart or all-star voting once, which is pretty weak, good GAA or not.
I guess I don't see why Hart votes, for example, are necessarily going to be any more reliable/better than a GAA record for the era. Heck, Roy Worters is the only goalie in the first 25 years of the award to win it, so how much weight does that give toward Worters being the best goalie between 1924-1949? And if you can only vote for two guys to an all-star team, and you have Hainsworth/Benedict/Thompson playing at the same time, how many votes is it going to take to prove that 3rd or 4th out of any of those 6 goalies might actually be much better than simply the top 20 goalie such proportions would extend to in modern terms?

Again, I'm not saying Connell is being undersold necessarily, or trying to make a case for him in particular. Totally ignoring performance metrics and then trying to be "just" when dealing with contemporaries outside of the top 2 at any given time just seems impossible to me. Heck, Brodeur was only the 3rd best of the era dominated by Hasek/Roy (and only made a post season all-star squad 7 of 20 seasons, had no 1st places until both Hasek and Roy are out of the picture, etc), and he still landed in the top 4 overall, so... At some point someone has to convince you guys that you're not going to come up with any lists more "credible" than the next by throwing out GAA(/SV% by the inverse relationship) all together and leaning on award and all-star voting instead - even... nay, especially when it comes to the older generations, imo. It all has to be balanced as best possible. Pointing to a strong team and concluding that their goalie's GAA is now completely invalid doesn't seem like a positive strategy.

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