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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
U saw Sean Day play live correct? Im actually baffled u think anyone is even close to him. Nothing against Ryan Murphy but that comparison is selling Sean Day short. I think u could make the arguement that Sean Day is better than Ryan Murphy right now. Throw age out the window, just on-ice skills. Right now, I believe Day at the U20 WJC he would do better than Murphy. Day already has NHL speed @ 14. His speed wouldnt matter if his hands couldnt keep up, but they can. Cheers.
If you recall, Ryan Murphy was clearly the best player in MM. He was the most offensive, skilled player in the loop, and he was a defenceman. Catenacci and Quine went ahead of him in the draft, only because of politics, and tricks, but MURPH was clearly a cant miss star. He had speed, skill (2nd to none) and vision.

Sean Day is undoubtedly the best skater I have seen , especially as a 14 year old, and has size, but that doesnt mean he is a cant miss. Yes he will be a well sought after prospect as is McDavid, but remember he is still a young dman entering possibly the OHL.

Dmen in the OHL develop later than forwards, and rookie dmen can get exposed alot easier than forwards in the OHL. You can protect rookie forwards and gently play them in key situations. But for dmen, it is not as easy for a coach to protect and develop. Just look at Middleton in OS. He was a high draft pick, with size and so far it hasnt worked out for him. And he is on a top contender.

Josh Ho Sang was years ahead of his age grup in respect to skating and skill set, but time has caught up to him. He is still an exceptional player, but the gap has closed.


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