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12-20-2012, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Good advice. Not sure why you'd go way out of your way to get a custom curve for game purposes if you've never used it before, as it could easily end up not working for you. Unless you're a pro who can get custom curves made up whenever you want, it's normally best to find a retail curve that works for you, as it lets you use readily available sticks/blades.
Haha true but I was using a Stastny so it can't get much worse. Plus Bondra is my all time favorite, so I might just suck it up if I don't like it.

One of those things that if I don't try it, i'll never know. Completely unrevelant but i'm ordering some Pineapple Crush for my Dad for Christmas, freshly canned in Hawaii. I'd never get it if I didn't try, but it's $60 per 24 cans. Sounds like bull but live and let live!

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