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12-20-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Man I knew that phrase would just be the focal point but here goes.

I'm not a scout but scouts aren't attached to players and sometimes like to go see players without a list of names-numbers to see who actually stands out as they makes notes...ect.

I like to look for as much information as possible about players, especially those that I have not seen and am critical in the source, ie is it a fan spouting 10-12 shooting % in the NHL or talking about elite NHL skills right now or is it a more objective view of the player, therefore more probable conclusions.

We don't know what type of player Schultz will exactly turn out to be in the NHL yet, especially on the defensive side.

On offense we can make some reasonable projections and ranges but seriously talk of 10-12% shooting and elite (which is top 3,5 or 10 at the most otherwise elite loses it's meaning NHL skills) based on a terrific yet unsustainable start is on the outside edge of his range of outcomes.

If he had only 15 points and was shooting 5% at this point my NHL projections and expectations wouldn't change.

People are forgetting the environment here as well. Schultz is an 08 draft and is in his 1st pro season he has something to prove/might be more advanced/more motivated ect than RNH who is an 11 draft and just going through the motions here.

I haven't seen every shift of these 2 guys this year but I will go out on a limb and say that RNH is hands down going to be the better play maker of the two, which is of course subjective passing from the D position is quite different than from the center position for anyone who has played both positions can tell you that.

People can make all sort of expectations and desires known about their favorite prospects but they should also keep it within reason and when stats, real NHL stats are provided, they should sit back and at least think about how fanatic they are being IMO.
I don't know what else to tell you, he has an elite wrist shot in terms of velocity and accuracy for a d-man. He reads the play in the O zone in an elite way and knows exactly when to jump in or jump back. He has an elite ability to get the puck through to the net. These are his elite traits, Then you have many other parts of his game that are just exceptional, they include his skating, passing, and vision. Also I'm not sure why you are throwing RNH into this? RNH is the best passer on the team period. You are acting as if 22 year old d-men usually step in and make this kind of an impact. The league is better than usual, there are many NHL caliber players in the AHL right now both defensively and offensively as well as goaltenders. No matter how you slice it Schultz has been exceptional, sustainable or not, how often do you see defensemen leading their league in scoring more than 1/3 of the way into a season? How about how often do you see a defenseman 4th in league goals more than 1/3 of the way through the season? If people cannot realize this player for what he is then again they are trying to over analyze things and waiting for the other shoe to drop. To that I say keep on waiting and scratching your head while he continues to rack up the points.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Well if you mean post season all stars there are 10 spots every year.

I'll say the group of 5 gets less than 5 of those spots over their careers. You want the over?

If you mean making the all star game then that's more reasonable IMO.
Did I say postseason allstars? Last I checked the only postseason award worth a damn is the Conn Smythe or hoisting the cup. Are you saying that Eberle, Hall, RNH, Yakupov, and Schultz combined will play in less than 5 regular season allstar games?

Originally Posted by Rhino Rilley View Post
id say it will be three years at least until the oilers can best the canucks i dont think they need kesler to revert back to be in cup contention their pretty stacked now and at least for a few years they should be in the top 5 favourites for a couple years.

back on topic schultz is looking sick this year a ton of potential the only already drafted offensive d id take over him is hamilton right now
I'm not 100% sure that the Canucks will remain an elite team that long if Kesler doesn't bounce back. That said the very well could be better than the Oilers for the next 3 years. That'll depend on a number of factors.

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