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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
On the 2012 US News & World Report rankings:
McGll is 18th, Toronto is 19th, and UBC is 45th.
The educational quality between an 18th-overall U and a 84th-overall U (the best two Us in Montreal) is quite small... even an 18th-overall U still has one weakness or two (social work)

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Montreal has 4 universities in the top 25 in the country:

No other city in Canada has that, the only one with three is Toronto.

It has two ranked Medical schools (no other city has this):

It is also top 100 in the world in many rankings. And HEC is world renowned, while Polytechnique is the best engineering school in the country
U Toronto, U Waterloo and UBC aren't any better? Polytechnique certainly is a good engineering school, though.

I am not sure how you can say 'apart from McGill,' considering if you did that with almost any other city their ranking would drop dramatically. It is like saying New York without Columbia, or San Fran without Berkeley, or Philadelphia without UPenn.

Montreal has two universities in the top 5 research universities in the country:
NYU isn't of the same standard as Columbia, all right, but is it of a high standard? Easily second-best in New York. But the gap between UPenn and Villanova (the best two Us in Philadelphia) is far greater than between Columbia and NYU, or McGill and U Montreal.

Montreal is in a situation where there are two high-caliber Us, unlike Philadelphia (UPenn) or San Francisco (Berkeley), where the gap between the best and the second-best is pretty large. So the best educational comparables are Los Angeles or New York.

Then again, Montreal is the 10th best student city in the world for a reason.

Care to elaborate why, because most people who've experienced both systems would strongly disagree with you.
My number theory prof, who taught at U Alberta and UBC before going to U Montreal, always feel that Quebec universities had it better as far as educational quality is concerned. She says that U Texas-Austin (another research comparable to the aforementionned schools, and this is where she got her PhD from) was horrible at educating undergraduates in mathematics. Yet the main thing that all these rankings suck at is to show how well they teach undergraduates, when undergraduate quality is often what the public wants to know.

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