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Originally Posted by Ebolav View Post
I hadn't heard anything negative about those skates, and in fact several people have commented on how good they are. I don't think it's the skate here, to be honest. Not sure how they could sell new for $600 if they're that bad to skate on. But your suggestion re: thicker socks is well taken.
Yup, like mentioned before the skate is up to the person but i've heard better things from other high end skates.

Like I said, crutches aren't necessarily bad. Similar to learning to ride a bike, you need to ease your way into it. It's up to the person what method they want to use, I used thicker socks.

I re-taught myself at 14 after I broke my arm years earlier. It sucks sometimes but more practice is the only way to get through it. Muscle burning, if you have that consistently, is completely normal. I suggest using the lines on the ice or the faceoff circles for stopping as you're skating and then stopping. Work on technique slow at first and speed it up. Just try not to go feet first into the boards

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