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12-20-2012, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Bexlyspeed View Post
I think you guys are too hard on the Rick, but i understand, its very easy to hate him.
but it wasnt his fault that Milbury traded Luongo and drafted him.
and it wasnt his fault they offered him a 15 year deal, would you really turn that down? and i honestly believe he did it because he wanted to be a part of the team for his entire career.

he has had terrible luck with injuries and probably did rush himself back too soon more than once.

also his contract, although the butt of many jokes from other fans, has NEVER hindered us. in fact we need his contract to make the cap floor.

now im all for they using an amnesty to buy him out if they can, this is because i think Wang will finally spend $$$ on the team again now that Brooklyn is on the

the Rick is a bust, no question! but i dont think he's a bad guy and i do feel really bad for him. you wor your whole life to make the NHL and then everything goes horribly wrong, thats sad.

ok Resume Fire
He makes 4 million a year for almost forever. I reserve my sadness for people who really deserve it, like those that are lucky to find clean water for the day. So Rick had a dream explode. Join the crowd.

There is one thing that is upsetting about the situation though. He takes up a roster spot when there is a limit on how many you can fill. So while every other team has an extra forward or defenseman, we don't because "he just has to keep trying."

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