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12-20-2012, 11:23 PM
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As a new fan this is all a tough pill to swallow. I've read the advice carefully and the possibilities can be shocking to someone like myself who has grown attached to this team very quickly. I hate the thought of disbanding this crew but if that's truly best at this point, then I agree with the posters.

But I must say they are so close. There have been moments of greatness this 1st half, certain periods and some entire games, where these kids looked unreal. Huge physical play, courageous drives, sick passes, dangles, shots....even against London it was said that the game was very close.

The word here and around the rink is the same: Goaltending! If any trades happen I hope it's for a new goalie. I'm not a hater but as mentioned many times, if we had an elite goalie, who could save or change games...damn I think this conversation would be radically different.

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