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12-20-2012, 11:38 PM
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Just watched it, and....

Spoil:'s truly MIRACULOUS that they all managed to survive the entire journey (so far)! I mean, in all the battles and close calls they encountered, you'd think at least one would take a knife to the chest, or, oh, I don't know, smash into the side of a mountain that is suddenly a giant person. Not one casualty amongst the good guys; even for a film of this genre you can't expect the audience to suspend belief THAT much, can you?

Another pet peeve I had.....Bilbo discovers a ring that makes him invisible. He uses it to slip past Gollum, and then....never uses it again? Everyone in the freakin' theater thought he'd put it on and surprise-attack the orc who was about to kill Thoren. But, no, he full-on tackles the orc in plain sight and nearly gets himself killed. Saved by giant birds.

All in all, a bit long-winded but otherwise enjoyable.

Oh, and:

I'm guessing Peter Jackson is ripping a page from the Book of Lucas, and is going for the prequel trilogy?

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