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12-20-2012, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by frag2 View Post
Any particular reason why you are trying so hard to discount Schultz? Or is it because he just happens to be a) an Oilers prospect b) living up to hype [at least in the AHL] and c) you're a Nucks fan?
A) I don't have a problem with any team or their prospects
B) he is off to an exceptional start in exceptional circumstances, its the inference of immediate NHL success and the terms elite and shooting % of 10-12% that doesn't correlate to what actually has happened in the NHL post lockout. It's possible but it's also extremely unlikely as well.
C) I live in Vancouver and am a fan of hockey 1st, used to be a die hard Canucks fan as a kid but always appreciated good play and players and still do, if anything I'm anti fanatic (and there are plenty of those guys in Van as well).

All of my posts have been in direct response to some outrageous claims, well at least IMO.

How am I discounting Schultz anyways did you actually read my posts or is it an automatic discount that I don't believe that he is NHL elite right now?

Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
I don't know what else to tell you, he has an elite wrist shot in terms of velocity and accuracy for a d-man. He reads the play in the O zone in an elite way and knows exactly when to jump in or jump back. He has an elite ability to get the puck through to the net. These are his elite traits, Then you have many other parts of his game that are just exceptional, they include his skating, passing, and vision. Also I'm not sure why you are throwing RNH into this? RNH is the best passer on the team period. You are acting as if 22 year old d-men usually step in and make this kind of an impact. The league is better than usual, there are many NHL caliber players in the AHL right now both defensively and offensively as well as goaltenders. No matter how you slice it Schultz has been exceptional, sustainable or not, how often do you see defensemen leading their league in scoring more than 1/3 of the way into a season? How about how often do you see a defenseman 4th in league goals more than 1/3 of the way through the season? If people cannot realize this player for what he is then again they are trying to over analyze things and waiting for the other shoe to drop. To that I say keep on waiting and scratching your head while he continues to rack up the points.
The word elite keeps getting thrown out, exactly how exclusive is that term to you or is it just a description of elite for AHL? Lots of guys look elite in lower elvels but only a few pull it off in the NHL.

The AHL is indeed very different this year and it's not like playing with RNH, Hall and Eberle is going to hurt Schultz in the offensive zone is it? those guys would not be playing in the AHL and if Schultz was, which would be unlikely IMO as he is NHL ready, he wouldn't be on the pace he is at right now IMO.

Did I say postseason allstars? Last I checked the only postseason award worth a damn is the Conn Smythe or hoisting the cup. Are you saying that Eberle, Hall, RNH, Yakupov, and Schultz combined will play in less than 5 regular season allstar games?
You said all stars which usually refers to the post season types, that why I asked. Elite players make all star teams, good to excellent make all star games huge difference that why it's good to note the difference.

Sure they will make more than 5 combined. Not sure what that tells us though, take any team that picks 1st 3 years in a row and those guys should make 5 all star teams in their careers IMO.

Originally Posted by frag2 View Post
'twas an honest question actually. That poster seemed so determined to make Schultz look "meh" in his he's nothing special.
See this is what I don't get. Nowhere did I say that he is going to be a 4th or 5th Dman in the NHL.

It's not a "either you buy my hype or you are saying he is meh type" of equation here.

The hype is just that and way overboard by several posters here.

If not buying the hype or drinking the koo-laid is downplaying Schultz then guilty but then you aren't taking the discussion seriously then either it's more of an argument you would find 2 7th graders having.

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