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12-20-2012, 11:55 PM
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Okay. After re-reading this a bunch of times, I think I understand.
Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
I think that no one today really understands mental illness.
I think there are some that are more keenly attuned to the difficulties of mental illnesses and while not really understands it, it's like saying astronomers really don't understand the universe.

Those who think that they do are kidding themselves, IMO.
And yet, there are those in power that are now trying to understand it and address it. Should they not?

You may have a closer personal or professional connection, but it doesn't mean that you understand it.
I understand it better than the average person on the street. I've dealt with both the negative and positive affects of mental health issues. I've had bipolar symptoms since I was 12 (17 years) and have gone to 6 doctors in 10 years. I self-diagnosed my symptoms correctly and have had a very positive relationship with three doctors because of my awareness and my response.

To be honest, there's a dangerous bit of hubris in calling others "ignorant," as though you're enlightened, especially regarding a frontier subject such as this.
Would you call those that spout intelligent design over evolution as ignorant? There are truly some that are ignorant of the conditions of mental illnesses and simply don't understand the impact.

That's not a helpful attitude, IMO. You don't have a dialogue and persuade others by calling them ignorant and publicly banging your head on the wall when they say something that you disagree with.
Let's bring up homosexuality. Would you consider people ignorant and bigoted if others don't believe in gay marriage? Gay rights because it's something they disagree with?

It's not disagreement. It's the fact that they don't understand and refuse to understand or listen. I mean, and I do apologize, but look at one of the posts in this thread about depression. Those are what people actually believe.

That only convinces yourself of your righteousness, which can be an impediment to your own consideration of other viewpoints.
Not necessarily. A truly enlightened person can see both sides of an argument but as well try to get people to understand better.

Just consider that, a hundred years from now, society will shake its head at what
even the most "enlightened" of us thought that we'd figured out in 2012.
So you don't laugh that people used blood letting as a form of medicine back in the 1700-1800s? Leeches!

Our best treatments might very well seem to 2112 society to be as ridiculous as "walking off" cancer seems now.
That I don't understand.

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