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12-21-2012, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
LOL. This huge post just to rag on Butler. Butler was better than J-Bo last year. Better.

Butler played 89% of his even strength time with JBo. JBo only 67% of his time with Butler because Butler missed some games.

If they played 100% of the time together, the following stats would be equal for both. The differences come from their time apart, a bigger amount for JBo.

Butler and Bouw both played against top lines.

Both had the lowest % of zone starts in the offensive zone

So both were used defensively very much.

Bouwmeester was on for 50 goals for. Butler for 47. Despite Butler playing 14 less games than Bouw.

So, Butler was on for more goals for per ice time than Bouw. The difference is quite high actually. Therefore Butler is better offensively.

(Again, remember that their numbers would be identical if they played 100% of the time together. They played a lot together, so Butler being that much higher indicates he carried JBo, as JBo was very very low in limited time without him)

JBo was on the ice for 66 goals against, Butler for 51.

If adjusted for total ice time, they are roughly the same. They give up the same amount of goals per ice time.

So, they're pretty much the same defensively. Bouw did not improve when he was away from Butler. Not at all.

If we consider both offense and defense, Butler > Bouwmeester. In fact Bouw has the worst all around numbers on his whole team (though playing against top lines is a huge disadvantage, one which Butler shares though)

In fact, the Flames performed best when Bouw was Off the ice

Boom, huge post showing Butler > Bouwmeester in 2011-12.

Also, Butler had more hits and 3 less blocked shots in 14 less games for all you simple folk out there.
Saying that Butler is better offensively than Bouwmeester because he was on for more goals for is ridiculous.

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