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12-21-2012, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by kresco View Post
I love these bowmeester threads. Everyone seriously undervalues Bowmeester. Yes hes not a 50-60 point Def man recently, however there is way more to look at than just his stats. First off Look at his defence partner. Now Im not meaning to run him down but Butler is a first line defence man?? In Florida Bowmeester was able to do his run and gun style that comes naturally to him as he was pair with guys like Mcabe, Ballard, Montador just a few of his partners. they are seasoned Defencemen who might not be the superstars to the league were still very comfortable holding back to allow Bowmeester to do his thing. Bowmeester had never had to play very defensively until he came to Calgary. He was then thrown into a complete different style than he had ever played and on top of that he was paired with a guy who couldnt crack Buffalo''s lineup and they were put on the first line as the defensive shutdown men. I understand Calgary had to spread the wealth of D as they really only had Giordano and Bowmeester but people expected him to get 50 points? His first year there was only 2 Flames who broke the 50 point barrier. The same thing the year after. On a team with so few point producing players how would anyone expect him to produce like he did in florida? Also Bowmeester was deployed mainly in the PK allowing Giordano to play the PP predominately. So how does a guy who comes to a team where only 2 people crack 50 points doesnt get alot of PP time and who is lined up with a guy who struggled who struggled to make a team in the bottom paring come out looking like an all star? He doesnt. Every Superstar Def in the league look at their partners. (Weber - Suter - Blum - Ellis (well see what happens now weber and Suter are seperate), (D Keith - Seabrook - Hjalmarrsson), (Kronwall - Lidstrom), (Mcdonagh -Girardi - Delzotto - Staal), (Yandal - D Morris - OML - Michalek), (Vlasic Boyle Burns), (Hamhuis - Bieksa - Edler), (Green - Carlson - Alzner), (Byfuglien - Enstrom - Bogosian) Doughty, Johnson (I know he left but look at Doughtys points since) Scuderi - Mitchell. Bowmeester is still one hell of a defensman, the fact that he takes all the critisism and every game he comes out and skates hard giving his best speaks volumes as well. There is no way in hell I let him go for anything less than a 1C or a top 4 D and a good prospect. If he gets matched up with Gio or Wideman this year everyone will finally see what he can actually do.
I'm not even going to read past the 2nd sentence there.

Who on earth is going to read a paragraph that large? Do you even want people to read what you're typing?

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