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12-21-2012, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Its a message board ,, Grammer is not vital to discussions

In past it has been my run on sentences and excessive use of exclamation points that has annoyed people

Bears are built to win now ,, McClellin was a terrible reach and even if we switch to a 3-4 there is no guarantee he will be any better

And it is alot easier for a DE from college to adjust to NFL level then a QB so Peyton's 1st year struggles on terrible team weren't a shock

When dozen's of defensive players are outplaying your 1st round pick (19th overall) ,, It is an issue

Emery blew it ,, Team had more vital needs and we selected a terrible 4-3 DE who may someday play in 3-4 system he was intended

Jones in 12 games has

21 solo tackles
17 assisted tackles
6 Sacks
3 forced fumbles
3 pass deflections

That is alot of value ,, Imagine Peppers/Wootton/Jones/Idonije in rotation

Jones is also capable of playing both 4-3/3-4 ,,, There is no reason that he shouldn't have been Bears pick

Since when does Marinelli value players who are absolutely worthless against run? Bears got rid of Anderson because he wasn't getting sacks and was a liablity in run D

McClellin looks alot worse then Anderson ever did with regards to run D

Still absolute horrid logic for a GM to draft a guy who doesn't fit current coaches scheme because he may someday get a coach who has a 3-4 system

If Lovie's team didn't fold this year ,, He would have likely gotten an extension thus making Emery choosing 3-4 guy based on plans to someday not have Lovie idiotic

There is just no explanation that makes any sense as to why Bears wasted a 1st rounder

And Sarava explain to me how my views on McClellin are any different then yours with regards to Kevin Hayes/Emerson Etem

I wanted Chandler Jones and it has been proven blunder by Bears
You wanted Etem and we went with Hayes ,, Verdict still out there
Whoa relax - I wasn't taking either side on the McClellin argument. I just remember at the time he was drafted that that was speculated. Because he seemed undersized for a 4-3 DE. If I had a to take a side I'd probably take your side in that I would have probably went a different direction.

But if you're going to compare Kevin Hayes - remember he was drafted 2 1/2 years ago, not 6 months ago.

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