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12-21-2012, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue n Gold Forever View Post
Keeps going from bad - to worse.

I remember looking at the bankruptcy filing and wondering what kind of shell game these guys were playing. Looks like Freeman had the same thing in mind.

I don't know what this means for the future of hockey in Elmira. ECHL hockey in particular. This franchise needs someone with deep pockets to be able and/willing to absorb operating losses. I always hoped Terry Pegula would come in and buy the team - sort of to complete the development strategy of the organization by having a place to place, observe and supervise the talent they have that is not AHL ready.

Right now, they've got guys all over the ECHL and CHL. I know that some of that is due to the likes of Foligno, Hodgson and maybe McNabb or Brennan taking up AHL roster spots. But wouldn't it be nice to have a local ECHL level team to put the Szydlowski, Boychuk, Fienhage, Lagace and maybe some of the guys who are extras for the Amerks to play nearby and on a regular basis. How 'bout the ease with which they could switch out Knapp and Lieuwen to give both time at both levels. I have to think that Lieuwen is benefiting greatly from playing most games in Greenville while Knapp rides the pine and practices.

Same thing for coaches, trainers, front office and marketing staff - what a great way to develop all of those aspects of the organization.

The unfortunate thing is that what I'm seeing with how the Amerks are being managed is that Pegula either hasn't considered that, is not interested, or does not have the wherewithal to take that sort of step.

Would have been nice.

In the meanwhile, I hope the ECHL stays in Elmira. I think the Federal League or turning to a US Junior level team would be a huge disappointment.
I might be okay with the USHL.

I was hoping Roy would be an ECHL guy and we would affiliate with them but neither happened.

This is just a complete mess. An agreement was made last May for everything to remain the same for the next year until the court nonsense was figured out then in July the place magically has a new buyer then a week after it's announced theres stuff about how the May agreement was invalid. Guy is on the Chamber of Commerce along with the County Exec. Sounds like some kind of political game happened.

As for the Pegula era I see not a lot of Rochester fans are happy and are sort of letting him have it for how they aren't good in this lockout year.

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