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12-21-2012, 04:56 AM
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Bill Daly was on the radio in Edmonton yesterday with Mark Spector from Sportsnet. Daly hinted the owners were more willing to compromise on the term limits than the 10 year CBA. He said the $300M make whole is tied to the 10 year CBA.

Daly discussed the issues with the Ottawa Sun

"In transition issues, the first issue that reared its head a couple of weeks ago was this concept of compliance buyouts. To me, compliance buyouts is just more money being paid outside the system. It doesn't count against the share. Secondly, is the cap on escrow ... That's a total non-starter. The third issue, which got fleshed out last Friday, is their view where the salary cap should be. They think the salary cap should be at $67.25 million and never fall below it. That's a very artificially high cap based on 50-50 and where revenues are going to be. It would create a high floor along with a very high escrow withhold because clubs would spend to the artificially high cap and the artificially high floor. That's a huge issue."

In the NBA,amnesty buyouts count against the players share. It doesn't count against the salary cap or the luxury tax. Count it against the players share.

Escrow. The $70.2M cap will result in high escrow. The make whole offer is higher in year 1. Flatten the cap out at $64.3M for two years instead of $70.2M and then $60M. There has to be way to make the numbers work.

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