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Originally Posted by Puckstopper View Post
I think the main talking point through the PA now is that the contract limits will "squeeze" everyone else but star players, in terms of money and length they will be able to get. They likened it to the NBA where there are a few guys with maxed out deals and the rest of the team gets significantly less. I don't agree it'll happen in the NHL because the NBA is a star-driven sport and that approach won't work in hockey.

David Backes also said something to the effect of, "if Crosby can only get a 5 year deal, what's the best I can get? 3?" Kind of a silly conclusion but I think these are the types of arguments they're using to galvanize the players.
Not picking on you personally, as I realize you are just reporting what you are reading, but it drives me crazy when posters and players continue to talk 5 year contract limits. Actually Crosby can still get a 7 year deal. Which is a pretty long term deal. In fact, I would assume, virtually any good player could still get 7 years, it would just have to involve a sign and trade which is actually beneficial to the team losing the player. So either Backes is being disingenuous, or Fehr isn't keeping his membership very informed. Backes can still get a 5 year deal, or a 7 year deal, it will just be for less money than Crosby.

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