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12-21-2012, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Too much power with too few individuals? True on both sides perhaps? But how do you fix it? I know I'm of the mind that I'd like to see the players vote on the final offer from the NHL before voting on decertifying, and that's largely because I believe more then enough players simply aren't affected by many of the issues holding things up. But then I also understand the flip side to that is most likely true as well, there are likely a good many owners who would have settled with the players final offer.

Everyone involved seems to be biting their nose off to spite their face right now but in the end I doubt either suffer for it. We've seen all the polls stating there has been much disinterest caused by the lockout, but then you see all the anger over the WJC game times, and see a Charity game sell out (albeit capacity was only 2600). Hockey fans love their hockey and like it or not, the NHL is the top echelon of professional hockey in NA. Unless a rival league springs up and somehow manages to out do the NHL people will flock back. I'll be one.
True. So many things don't get discussed, even here and the two subjects that really get me that came out of Fehr's mouth that really irk me are these:

Back in Dec, Jan and Feb: We don't want to start discussions now because we want all the players available to take part.

In September: We are all for any players seeking the opportunity to play elsewhere (and that includes Europe - yup we want them all available)

In November after the league's 2nd last offer: We are fighting for the players not yet in the league as they did back in 2004

After the last league offer: We don't want more than a 5 year CBA as it will effect players not yet in the league. (paraphrasing)

So which is it: you're fighting for future players or you don't want a CBA that affects future players?

Don't get me wrong, just as much, if not more crap has been spewed by Bettman, but those comments from Fehr have really done me in.

Give me Daly and S Fehr over those two 8 days a week.

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