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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
I saw a study that statistically claimed that a 38 game European soccer season didn't give a statistically reliable conclusion on who had the best team. The authors actually said it would take a minimum of 7 full seasons or 266 games.
Did the authors play sports?

Way too much emphasis on the preliminary round (or whatever you want to call the round before the medal round) especially where all teams make it to the medal round. It's who wins when it's do or die that matters. The cream rises to the top in those situations.

I would give points as follows:

3 for gold
2 for silver
1 for bronze


Canada - 6
US - 4
Finland 4
Czech - 4
Sweden - 3
Russia - 3

Throw in 04 World Cup

Canada - 9
Finland 6
Czech - 5
US - 4
Sweden - 3
Russia - 3

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