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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
He makes 4 million a year for almost forever. I reserve my sadness for people who really deserve it, like those that are lucky to find clean water for the day. So Rick had a dream explode. Join the crowd.

There is one thing that is upsetting about the situation though. He takes up a roster spot when there is a limit on how many you can fill. So while every other team has an extra forward or defenseman, we don't because "he just has to keep trying."
It's incredible. Rick 'inspires' people to creepy personal vendettas, holocaust analogies, and (most usually) temporary stupidity.

Him being with the team is not his decision. It is Wang's and Snow's decision. They can send him home.

I agree that keeping Rick with the team despite him not being able to contribute *hurts* the team. But that is a problem easily solved by Snow and Wang: tell him to go home.

Now, there may be a reason for them sticking by him. I believed two years ago that they should do it because the team was going nowhere, and that by indulging Rick you can get him to sign on to better terms for a retirement package (involving other roles in the organization). Two years later with overwhelming evidence that the guy is completely finished as a player, if you can't get him to agree to terms to retire, you should send him home.

Everything changes for the Isles when the league opens up again. They've got a new arena deal. They've got developing young talent that's ready to contribute, including in net. They could be attractive again to free agents. They can no longer afford to keep Rick DiPietro with the team, getting in the way. But that's not up to Rick. Why is this so hard? Blame Snow and Wang.



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