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12-21-2012, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
I'm still lost on this voting of disclaimer thing.

Someone aware is it likely going to pass? If so, that means? No season?
Here is what I have gathered of the situation. Someone please correct me if this is inaccurate.

The vote right now is for the players to give the board permission to file a disclaimer of interest. If this vote goes through, that doesn't automatically disclaim interest. The board then has to actually go through with it. Now, the NHL has also filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block the PA from disclaiming interest or decertifying, claiming that the PA really is only using it as a tactic for force the NHL's hand in negotiations. The PA has some time to respond to that lawsuit.

Really, I don't think either side wants doi to happen. The players are hoping that this will pressure the league into a deal (giving the players the upper hand), and the league is hoping if they can block this, it is the players final piece of leverage and they will get the upper hand. Outcome of this eventually determine who gets to tilt the "middle ground" the most in their favor.

It may or may not cost us the season. Both are real options at this point, but the vote passing doesn't directly effect the odds of a season I think. Other leagues have gone further than this and still struck deals.

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