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12-21-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Schneiderman View Post
At this point money is the thing keeping us from resigning Edler and TBH it's more likely than not he's going to walk. He'll fetch big money as a UFA.
Haha what?! Link?

Gillis for the most part doesn't sign players in the offseason before they become UFAs. At the very earliest, he'll sign them mid season after he sees how they perform in a contract year. As far as I'm concerned, its far more likely that Gillis is the reason we haven't re-signed Edler yet, rather than Edler himself. Gillis knew there was a strong chance the UFA age would be increased to 28, I'm sure he'd rather negotiate with a RFA than a UFA to be. Plus, he might as well wait and see what happens in the new CBA prior to signing Edler.

Edler has some roots here, believe it or not. He played for Kelowna in the WHL, and went pretty fluently into Vancouver as a Canuck. He has friends on this team, I always see him down in Yaletown on Friday/Saturday nights with guys like Bieksa and Kesler eating or having a beer. In other words, I really don't think he wants to leave. Other than Sweden, BC is his next home. I'm not even sure he leaves in the offseason too much.

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