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12-21-2012, 10:45 AM
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Fit has nothing to do with price. Fit is the shape of the boot, the heel pocket, the depth of the skate. The softness of the boot is not fit, nor is the weight.

The NUMBER ONE thing by far is to get a boot that fits your foot. You need the heel locked into place, the forefoot to be snug without movement, and the right amount of depth and arch support.

When it comes to price, I agree with him, I don't think it's worth spending less than $150-200 on a pair of skates. It's not about comfort, it's about durability. They just don't last and aren't made to last.

Anyone who's playing once a week needs at least a $150 boot. I know because I had the $80 boot and it completely fell apart after two months. Waste of money. The outsole was made of flimsy rubber and warped any time I tried to use my edge, the boot itself collapsed under my weight, and the cheap steel couldn't hold an edge.

I asked AIR to write his guide because he's very knowledgeable in this area and his recommendations and observations are right up there with the best I've seen on the internet. These guides are for people who play in leagues or regular pickup games...not for people who are looking to go skating on a date once or twice.

Anyone else ought to at least get a used skate at a mid-quality level. I've bought used skates in decent shape for $30 that were $250 new.

I'd make the same recommendation to anyone learning to play a musical instrument. Don't get some toy from Walmart, get a real instrument. If you want to play guitar, you need something that can stay in tune, has proper intonation and has even frets. If you want to play piano, you need something that is in tune with weighted keys. Can't afford new, get used in good shape.

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