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12-21-2012, 11:18 AM
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By the numbers, I'd like to see how we compare to other teams that are consistently drafting where we are over the last 5 years. Don't pick and choose 1 team (Detroit) to compare us to, but a broader comparison of the other consistently good teams drafting where we are.

I agree, I don't think our drafting is anywhere near as bad as some suggest. There have been some picks (Honzik) that leave me scratching my head, but at the same time I never saw him play before he was drafted. They projected where he could be, and he failed to get there.

Grenier was at the time a great pick. Obviously now he may be a mistake, but a guy with great size, skill, and seemed to be a late bloomer. You swing for the fences where he was drafted. More otfen than not its not going to work out, but when it does, you'll look like a genius. But it's not that you're a genius; you got lucky.

Mallet is a great pick. We are half a season into his first pro year (when he could still be playing junior), and some people are ready to right him off?

We don't have many prospects bc of our success, not bc our GM and scouts are idiots.

I think we could definitely do a better job of developing our kids in the minors though. Not sure what the deal is on the farm, but while I agree it is critical to teach the youngsters how to play defense, you also have to nurture their offensive game, and development at that end of the ice. That is something we seem to be doing a horrible job of. We bring guys in who are otherwise established offensive players in the AHL, and once they are brought into the system, they seem to have zero offensive instincts or skills. I think that is where our focus should be directed: figuring out how we can nurture the offensive instincts for the few offensive players we have, while maintains a winning environment.

Look at Kassian in his first pro AHL season and compare to this yr. He has the benefit of an additional season of experience, he's reportedly in the best shape of his career...yet instead of his numbers going up like you'd expect, they are actually down. That makes me wonder what kind of numbers Schroeder would be putting up if he was playing in another system (like Rochester)?

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