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12-21-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
And you know this how? These are international competitions, show me proof if it's exact as you say it is. I've shown you proof and you denied it, so show me. After all, no one can take your assessments of Murphy seriously because of your bias.

Murphy had a good performance in terms of puck possession. He did not create many scoring chances on his own, but he ended up passing off to others that created good scoring chances and he held the puck a good deal and evaded defenders. He had a few giveaways and made a few bad decisions trying to skate his way through the opposing Finnish defence who were using their trap formation to clog up the neutral ice. He was guilty of holding the puck too long couple of times for my viewpoint, but they did not materialiaze into anything except maybe a few tense moments where it looked like he lost the puck.

One of the better canadian defenders. Yes. The best canadain defender. I'd argue against that. The most noticeable canadian player? I'd say aside from RNH and Mackinnon, then most definitely. He played well in that regard.

I don't know if it is your intention to make me dislike Murphy, but I like him. I hope he does well in this tournament along with every other Canadian player. However, this type of personal victory at the expense of the team losing such that he looks better by comparison is not what I want and shouldn't be what you want either.
Show you proof? You're the one making the claim they're "official lineup cards". The onus is on you to prove that, and I'm pretty sure that website isn't related to Hockey Canada. You didn't show me proof, you showed me a website that would have no way of knowing the "official lineup card" (Because they don't exist). I've shown you proof, you know, seeing that Murphy wasn't the 7th defensemen.

I guess for your logic, empirical evidence is trumped by a "source" with no connection to the topic in question.

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