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12-21-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
my bad.

I think he won that fight also, that kick stole the show & changed all at the last minute. Benson will kill him now.

The most exciting matchups for him are probably Melendez & Alvarez. Hopefully they end up here sooner than later.
I think their first fight could've gone either way and you're likely right that the showtime kick made it easier for the judgesto give it to Pettis. I have trouble disagreeing with you about Henderson winning the rematch but I hope I'm wrong as I'm a bigger Pettis fan. I don't think Henderson is unstoppable by any means though. I thought Frankie clearly won the 2nd fight and the 1st could've went either way.

Gil & Eddie likely are the toughest fights out there for him but who knows, they wouldn't be the first guys to come to the UFC and disappoint. Both of them have some good names on their record with guys like Kawajiri, Aoki, Hansen, Thomson etc. but I think all those guys are a step below guys like Bendo, Edgar, Diaz, Pettis and a couple others in the UFC. Alvarez also lost cleanly to Chandler, who's another guy I'd love the UFC to pick up.

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