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12-21-2012, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
All part of the script. Signing a lease that is contingent on buying a hockey team costs Jamison absolutely nothing, and he had to do the signing before the new council was sworn in. This is pretty much a non-event. It's the buying of the hockey team that actually requires money, of which Jamison has not enough.
Just curious, and not trying to pick a fight here, but how do you know that to be the case? I get the delay argument, but why continue down this path if GJ can't close the deal. Seems after signing the lease, all fingers would point to him as the reason why the deal didn't close. That being the case, why take on that kind of public embarrasment? If he were going to bail, wouldn't have made more sense when the CoG tried to renig on the deal he reached back in June?

Maybe you have some information not available to the public.

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