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12-21-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
DO...thats simply untrue. I don't support either side. Couldn't care less. I do understand that it is a business and therefore the investors in the businesses will want to be profitable. What an obscene idea eh? I do support contraction because at the end of the day, the fan is the benefactor of contraction. Less teams means less players make the NHL, means better hockey theoretically...You can't tell me as a fan of the Leafs, that you give a crap if Phoenix or NYI or Nashville or whoever is in financial dire straits, keeps their teams. Who cares? The people of those cities don't care or they wouldn't be in financial ruin. Why should I?

Nothing wrong with a 24 team league...Would be fine.
Is anyone really supporting the existence of Phoenix over getting an agreement with the players?


Vaive and Ludzik on collapse, and Phaneuf.
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