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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
first off, until I hear the words come out of Day's mouth I wont believe a cent of him not playing for the US... and not from scouts or some website...out of his mouth..

secondly, when you talk about no reason to play for the US, look no further then Tyler Myers who had NO REASON to play for Canada. No family there, wasnt born there, just moved there "because of his father's job" like you stated. Yet, he decided that his heart was with Canada. and oh yeah, thats after the fact that he represented the US in international play prior to his decision.

I get to see Day play, and I really havent heard anything about him representing Canada once at the rink. I am not saying that he wont, but I just do not see how closed and shut case this is according to some on here. I think there is more to it then you claim, as this kid has two options to him one of which makes the most sense (USA) as he has been here for a while..the citizenship is an issue, but one that could be worked around I am sure.

Whatever choice he makes is 100% fine with me, but I do not think it is 100% Canada at all at this point.
Go read his twitter page, He is saying exactly the opposite that u are. He goes out of his way in interviews to mention he is Canadian. He has addressed his citzenship, he has talked about wearing the Team Canada jersey. He has not played both sides of the fence, for example saying that he is American or anything to do with wearing the US jersey. It sounds like what your saying is more wishful thinking than reality. Again go read his twitter page, Unless your going to say thats not him posting his own thoughts on his own page.

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