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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
Do you have any proof that NFL attendance would rise with a Toronto NFL team

Forgive me if I'm extremely skeptical

Given the Toronto curse...will fans still show up if the team fails to make the playoffs year after year?
Obviously it can't be proven but you have no proof that it wouldn't. How about the fact that Toronto has 5.5 million people living in the greater area and Southern Ontario has over 12 million people. You honestly think a city that size couldn't support an NFL team. Just use some common sense. And don't talk about the CFL because it's not popular in Ontario. Neither are the Bills depsite the fact that thousands of people from Southern Ontario go to every Bills game because they want to watch the NFL.

BTW, only women believe in curses.

Originally Posted by Ryan34222 View Post
Blue Jays had best in league attendance when good and a big shiney new state of the art stadium.. attendance faded fast, like one year after they won the WS fast. lol

yah guessing at bottom half.. ive seen the figures but dont remember exactly where Toronto sits but it hasnt been good for some time
So you're just guessing and your guessing has already been proven as BS. Don't waste my time.

Originally Posted by WinterEmpire View Post
Winning a Grey Cup has nothing to do with being able to support a CFL team. That has to do with player personal and management.

The Ti-Cats and Argos were the only two CFL to be losing money last year and Toronto has the worst attendance in the league. That's not some revolution that the Argos aren't well supported by the city.

The NFL in Toronto would not work at any time in the near future
"Toronto doesn't support CFL because it wants the NFL"
"Toronto doesn't support NFL because we don't have true team of our own"
Can't wait to hear
"Toronto doesn't support their NFL team because they don't win every year"

Not a football city
What do you not understand about the CFL not being popular in Ontario?

Vancouver struggles to support minor league baseball, I guess Vancouver's not a baseball. Do you see how dumb that sounds. I've talked to hundreds of people in Ontario about football and almost none of them like the CFL better than the NFL if they even like the CFL at all. I don't agree with this but it's thought of as a joke league in Ontario.
Originally Posted by Yourface View Post
Just because one player isn't elite in the NFL doesn't mean he isn't an elite athlete. The two leagues are almost different games entirely and some skill sets just don't always translate. Vince Ferragamo (a Pro Bowler) for example, sucked in the CFL because he just couldn't adjust to the new rules, as he said so himself.
Andrew Hawkins started making a bit of a name for himself this year in the NFL and yet, he was only a 4th or 5th receiver with the Montreal Alouettes. I am sure Jamel Richardson could make an NFL roster if he was given a chance, as he has all the tools necessary. But he refused an NFL contract offer a couple years ago to stay in Montreal. I believe S.J. Green did the same. Anyways, you will definitely see more CFLers crack an NFL roster every now and then, you just don't always hear about it.

I personally love the CFL (obviously). It's a different game and I can see why some people wouldn't like it but what I can't stand is people (Torontonians) dismissing it because of their big league mentality. A lot of these athletes are as good athletes as NFLers are. It's a league that's saved a lot of extremely talented individuals' careers by bringing them out of the oblivion and giving them a chance to succeed, and be recognized on the national (sometimes international) stage.
I'm not wasting my time with you if you really believe this nonsense. There is next to no elite football players in the CFL. It's further below the NFL in talent than the AHL is below the NHL in talent. Why can't you just admit that you're a fan of the league but the players aren't elite (by that I mean stars in the NFL). There's nothing wrong with that.

BTW, I live almost 300km northwest of Toronto so don't call me a Torontonian.

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