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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
I will admit that he shouldn't get any real consideration for a top 10 overall list, outside of top 10 left wingers ever to play for the Kings, but I wouldn't scoff at him too much given that he is 12th on our all-time scorers list, and 3rd amongst left wingers ever to play for the Kings... Sandstrom is 23rd... Bringing up Frolov isn't exactly an inconceivable stretch and shouldn't cause alarm as an honorable mention.

Interesting, coincidental and un-related side note: Kopitar is currently 11th and due to become 7th or 8th whenever there is another season. Just kind of cool that he is 11th as he won the Stanley Cup. Can't wait to see that number up in the rafters... Not too soon though...
Don't get so caught up in the compiling.

Sandstrom as a King...

Regular Season
235 GP - 117 G - 137 A - 250 PTS

50 GP - 17 G - 28 A - 45 PTS

And the Swede wasn't exactly a piece of **** in his playing days before and after his time in Los Angeles.

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