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Just for the fun of it, I made Province teams for Sweden too. I went with first listed team on, one can dispute a few.

Norrland (North appr. only 1 mill. inhabitants but great many teams)

Sedin Sedin Zetterberg
Lander Bäckström Omark
Holmström Lindström Silfverberg
Påhlsson Johan Larsson Harju (2 not really NHL)

Edler Enström
Hedman A. Larsson
Rundblad Erixon


Götaland and South (Gothenburgh, Malmö)
Eriksson Johansson Alfredsson
Steen Nyquist Stålberg
Ullström J. Andersson Tedenby
Pääjärvi Klingberg (AHL) Brunnström

OEL Karlsson
Strålman Hjalmarsson
Lilja A. Grossman


Svealand (Stockholm and middle of Sweden)

Landeskog Berglund Franzen
Hagelin Wandell Hörnqvist
Huselius Kruger Samuelsson
Backlund Bergfors Zibanejad (Centre, but he can cope)

Kronwall Gunnarsson
Tallinder Murray
Oduya Ericsson


I think Götaland comes out a bit flat, they got Lundqvist in goal (ok backup on the odd games too) but no line or pairing which stand out. Defense is solid, Karlsson make a difference here.

Svealand got the skill and grit on both the two first pairings. Good lines overall and I would say that the first line is a really legit first line.

Hedberg/Gustavsson in goal, I think we got a 1a&b situation here. It is ok, but not great.

Norrland got an even better first line but a weak bottom 6. On the other side all 6 D-men are good enough to make some damage (ok bottom pairing is weak, but they so they all are). Lindbäck with Markström as backup might be a question-mark (weakest goalie situation of the three perhaps), but I think it is ok even if not great. Impressive that you can get this team with so little population as a base.

So where would these "provinces" slot in among the Canadian ones?

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