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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
All I said is teams have gone to new leagues and have been successful. I still do not understand how you think the NHL is indestructible.
It's not what you said, nor has it been what you are saying.


this is your 1st post on the matter:

I mean, cease to exist.

I would love to see the league fold and see a new one start up. New commish, new rules, 20 teams, etc.

I would love to start from scratch.

I have asked, a few times, for ONE example of this in North America Sports History.

As for being industructable, the NHL is far from it, but it's not going to be rivaled in NA in your or my life time.

regardless of the current labour dispute, the NHL is going NOWHERE.

Now, while you may wish for someone to push some mythical re-set button, let me tell you that it's NOT going to happen because there is no re-set button.

Want to start from scratch? Start a Sim League and make up all the rules you think would make a great NHL and have fun with it.

In the real world, the NHL in it's current form are going no where.

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