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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
I'm not wasting my time with you if you really believe this nonsense. There is next to no elite football players in the CFL. It's further below the NFL in talent than the AHL is below the NHL in talent. Why can't you just admit that you're a fan of the league but the players aren't elite (by that I mean stars in the NFL). There's nothing wrong with that.

BTW, I live almost 300km northwest of Toronto so don't call me a Torontonian.
If I believe in what nonsense exactly?? I presented facts to support my claim that some football players are more successful in adapting to different styles of play/rules. Obviously, the NFL in general, consists of more talented athletes (Calvin Johnson would tear the league to shreds no doubt) but it doesn't change the fact that a few of these CFLers have as much talent as some of the top-end guys in the NFL.

You can't really compare the AHL to the CFL because it actually follows the same rules as the NHL (as opposed to the CFL in relation to the NFL). CFLers are smaller than NFLers, whereas AHLers are pretty much the same size as NHLers. CFLers are generally fairly old, so they are not as likely to get a shot with an NFL team as much as young AHLers are likely to get a shot in the NHL.
Anyway, no matter which way you cut it, the CFL is the second highest level of grid-iron football in the world.

You might not be a Torontonian but you are every bit as ignorant and as much of an American wannabe as all of them.

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